Just a little Screen writing i just did right now hope you like it

Night time/ New York/ Rain

INT Bar 

Justin: know matter what i do she could never love me 

shit even if i was rich danny she wouldn’t take my love in 

Danny: dude forget her you know theres more women out there 

Justin: but i want her 

you know what i give up im just going to fuck everyone i can 

thats how deep this shit is 

Danny: just eat your food man you’ll feel much better in the morning just do something to get your mind off her 

Justin: im not even hungry anymore shit got me fucked up man 

shit got me real fucked up like what did i do? 

like she’s acting like im not even trying here..

Danny: alright im gonna go i think you need to do this on your own 

im done what i can do for you bro i gave you all the advice you needed maybe im not getting through to you ill see you tomorrow 

(Danny leaves the Bar which leaves Justin Questioning)

Everything seems likes its going downhill.. My love for my family and friends 

and even my dreams 

i don’t know anything about them anymore.. are they even really anymore

am i supposed to have these things.. 

INT Apartment 

Justin finally makes it home to his apartment and meets one of his Clients 

Justin: Crystal please stop smoking all of my god damn weed 

Crystal im sorry justin this is some really good shit was it it called?

Justin: this right here baby is the Caviar Gold baby no bullshittin i love you but you gotta fucking go i cant with this shit 

crystal: ….Justin.. i have to tell you something 


Crystal: i think im falling in love with you 

Justin: no you’re not you’re just depressed and you need someone to talk to

Crystal: yes and i also need someone to fuck 

please fuck me justin please i haven’t had it in such a long time

Justin: Crystal youre high shut the fuck up 

Crystal: no justin im seriously 

(Crystal slowly takes off her lime green american apparel tank top)

Justin: Fuck…

(Justin face palms but cant stop looking at Crystals tits)

crystal : see heres the thing we are in a really fucked up situation here 

and i think we should just let go…

Justin: Let go huh…

Crystal: come here baby.. 

Justin walks slowly to crystal to see if she’s serious 

Crystal: go ahead touch em, they’re yours now

Justin: ..they’re really soft..

(Crystal unbuttons her shorts, Justin helps her)

Crystal: come on baby do what you want with me.. Fuck me how you want to fuck me.. kiss me how you want to kiss me 

im all yours tonight and do not hold back fuck me good 

even if you cum fast just make sure you fuck me like its your last please just do me this last favor 

Justin strokes her body, she moans 

kissen her neck and thighs and gripping her skin

slowly goes down on her and plows his face in her pussy 

already she’s wet 

she does the same with him 

she has a really wet mouth and looks at him while she deep throats 

his penis reaching her uvula

(gags and spits )

Crystal: oh wow its been a while 

continues to slob on his penis with a lot of spit 

Crystal : do you like that baby? 

Spits again 

Justin:….yess fuck..

Crystal: why didn’t we do this before (While she jacks his dick still looking into his eyes and spits again)

Justin : oh fuck..

Crystal: you like that babe ?

Justin: Yes.. 

They move from the couch

Crystal guides him to his bed 

and they fucked  almost every position they could 

fuck the neighbors they screamed they’re lungs out let them know they’re having a good fuck  

its exactly what they needed for their temporary happiness 

To be Continued…